Welcome to Nothing But Net!

This is an introductory post to the blog ‘Nothing But Net’ stating what the blog will be about and why i decided to start it up.

‘Nothing But Net’ will be a blog focusing exclusively on the NBA, giving my personal views on what has happened in both East and Western conferences plus giving my opinions on trade rumors, playoff chances, MVP candidates and feature pieces.

The blog won’t focus on certain players or ‘the best teams’ even though I am an avid Warriors fan, and I hope to give unbiased opinions throughout my blog posts.

The idea behind the blog was to try and get my views about the NBA out there on the web, I have been a big fan of the NBA for a couple of years now, and feel now is the time to try and write more about it.

The name for the blog came from something we all love, a splash that hits Nothing But Net!


Basketball hitting the Net- all rights reserved- Spanish Virtually

Hope you Enjoy.