Edition 5 Consistency proving difficult for The Cavaliers and The 76ers should not feel to disheartened by their season, exciting times are ahead.

Consistency is the Key if the Cavs are to remain on top of the East. 

Since Lebron ‘came home’ to Cleveland after 4 extremely successful seasons in Miami. The Cavaliers have undoubtedly been the best team in the Eastern conference. Cleveland have been to two finals since LeBron’s return, losing one and becoming the first team to pull back a 3-1 deficit in the finals. However, this season hasn’t been plain sailing for The Cavaliers, as they sit a-top of the standings by only 2.5 games.

Consistency has proven a difficult formula for the Cavaliers to follow this season, as shown by their recent form, from the 25th of February they have lost 6 of their last 10 including back to back defeats to the Heat. Lebron and Kyrie have still been putting up excellent numbers, this season the King has just achieved a new record, reaching his first season with ten triple-doubles, while Kyrie is averaging a career best 25.2 points per game. Lebron James is a juggernaut in today’s NBA, but what could prove detrimental to the Cavs is the amount of minutes Lebron is playing, second in the league to only Kyle Lowry, Lebron always says he is okay to play but the intensity he plays at and his will to win surely have to take a toll on his body, just look at Dwayne Wade.


Lebron and Kyrie- Hiphot.sports

The addition of the play maker, Deron Williams has added to an already talented roster, but the Cavaliers have regressed in recent times and it feels like they are already in playoff mode.

In truth the Cavs can afford to rest easy, because I think as most fans of the NBA will tell you is that the Cavs will get to a third straight NBA final, with relative ease. Other teams such as the Boston Celtics have had a remarkable season led by the David to LeBron’s Goliath Isiah Thomas, but there is a feeling that when the Cavs turn it on in that, they can torch any team. The dominance and style the Cavs showed in their win against the Detroit Pistons last night was classic Lebron, after a tough loss on the road to Houston the game before, The Cavs needed a statement win. What they got was something more, they led 74-28 at the half, with Lebron getting a FG% of 50.00 and Kyrie Irving getting a remarkable 64.3FG%, the game finished 128-96 to the Cavs.

It is a shame that the Cavaliers had to waive Andrew Bogut after his bogus leg injury, but this roster led by Lebron surely has enough talent to stay at the top of the Eastern Conference, and even if they lose the top seed, The Cavaliers are a different animal in the playoffs and will again fancy their chances to make the NBA finals.

Video credit- NBA conference.

76ers should look to next season 

Being down 24-43 in the standings would disappoint most fans, but for the Philadelphia 76ers, they should not look at this season with bitter discontent. The emergence of Joel Embiid otherwise known as “The Process” has been a revelation and is having a season, established players of the league would be proud of. With the addition of Dario Saric, who is likely to win ROTY (Due to the lack of games Embiid has played) the 76ers have reason to be excited. Saric numbers are not as glamorous as Embiids but he has really stepped up since the latter’s season ending injury.


saric-dario-green-draymond- CSNbayarea

On the surface, Philadelphia’s 106-104 loss to the Warriors last night looks bad after boasting a 12-point lead going into the fourth quarter, the warriors eventually turned the game around with birthday boy Stephen Curry scoring 29 points on his 29th birthday. Yet the 76ers can look at this season with their heads held high, the potential they possess should not be underestimated.

The trio of Saric, ‘The Process’ and Ben Simmons who is still to make his league debut, could if they stay healthy reach the playoffs next season. Potential is Potential, until it is proven but 76ers fans you have reason to be optimistic.


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