Edition 3 Legendary status for Dirk, but can his team make the playoffs?

Was he gonna reach 30,000 any other way than with the fade-away Jay?

Maverick’s legend Dirk Nowizki finally joined the elite group of players to record 30,000 career points in the NBA. He now joins legends of the game including Kareem, The Mailman Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, The Greatest of all time Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain, it is an achievement so good, that the King, Lebron James who is also close to 30,000 shared a video of himself congratulating the big German.

A 13 time All-star, a future first ballot Hall-of-Famer, an NBA Champion and finals MVP in 2011, MVP of the league in 2007, his accomplishments go on and on, and a signature fade away jumper which many players in today’s game try to recreate. Whether he retires at the end of this season or next, Dirk has carved out one hell of a career in the NBA, and is without a doubt the best European to Grace the NBA scene.


Dirk Nowitzki- Sports Canyon

But can his team the Dallas Mavericks reach the playoffs this season? The race for the 8th seed in the NBA’s western conference is heating up and it now seems to be a three horse race between the Denver Nuggets, Portland Trail-Blazers and the aforementioned Dallas Mavericks. 

Looking at these three teams objectively with all the variables, it is such a close call to say who will get that 8th seed. The Mavericks, from out of nowhere always seem make the post season, they have this habit of bringing it out of the bag, for the past three seasons, they have finished 6th, 7th and 8th, and this season could see them sneak it again. Yes they are relying on unproven guys such as Seth Curry who is having a career year and the newly acquired Nerlens Noels from Philly, but their record since the All-Star break is 5-2 and they have beaten Playoff rivals, the Grizzlies and Thunder. If this team can continue to gel and stay healthy, they have a great chance of reaching the playoffs.


Blazers- PhatDunk

The Blazers can rely on the best back court of the three teams, with Lillard and CJ averaging 49.3 ppg and 9.4 assists per game this season they do have the worst defense out of the three teams, but they do have the easiest schedule. The Nuggets, who are two games ahead of both teams are in the best position perhaps, but at this point in the season anything can happen. The young core in the Nuggets side including the likes of Nikola Jokic and Emmanuel Mudiay have mixed and matched well with the more experienced stars of the Nuggets side with Danillo Gallinari having another good season. What could potentially be huge is the Mavericks game vs the Nuggets on the second last game of the season, it could have huge ramifications on both side’s chances of reaching the post-season and seeing who the warriors sweep in the first round.

If I were to choose right now? I’d go with The Mavs, it’s their habit of always reaching the playoffs. Rick Carlisle always seems to be able to pull it out of the bag.


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