Edition 1 Warriors worry over KD and can the Brow and DeMarcus get the pelicans into the Playoffs?

Warriors worry over form without KD and who will step up in his absence?

Kevin Durant’s MCL sprain in the loss to the Wizards is sure to be a huge loss for Golden State. But the Warriors are perhaps the only side in the league that can afford to deal with the loss of a genuine superstar and an All-NBA talent like Durant. It will however be interesting to see who will step up in his absence. The weapons arsenal the Warriors possess is still hugely impressive and we should not forget that this is a team that has gone to the last two finals who still have three All stars and a two time MVP to rely on. It may come with some regret that while we lose one of the greatest players in the league to injury for at least 4 weeks, we can see a reborn Stephen Curry. The reigning MVP Curry you feel has changed his game the most in the Warriors side to accommodate Durant in the side, and now the latter is out for a while, we can see the fun sharp shooting Curry we got use to over the last 3 years, make a return.


Kevin Durant Injured- The Mercury News

Yet since KD’s injury the Warriors are 0-2 Losing to a John Wall inspired Wizards 112-108 and to the Chicago Bulls 94-87, a game they seemed to be comfortable in for long periods. We shouldn’t read too much into these results yet, but I feel as a fan of the Warriors that now all the teams will be licking their lips at facing the Warriors now. The signing of Matt Barnes makes sense as cover for Durant, but he is in no way a guy who can do what KD does, he isn’t a guy who can average over 25 points per game. The Splash brothers have been bitterly disappointing from behind the arc since the All Star Break, in the three games since then they combined for 11 of 64, 17.2%! Which is unheard of for the so called ‘best back court in the league’. They need to rediscover their magic touch if the Warriors are to keep their number one seed in the West ahead of the Spurs. Here’s hoping that the whole team even Zaza can rediscover the form that made them such a marvel to watch.

Can Damarcus and the Brow get it right in time for the playoffs?

When the New Orleans Pelicans traded for DaMarcus Cousins, a trade that sent Cousins and forward Omri Casspi to New Orleans, the Kings getting back Bubby Hield, Tyreke Evans, guard Langston Galloway and a 2017 first and second round pick in return. You’d a thought that the Pelicans came out supremely well from this Trade getting a three time All-Star and not losing too much in terms of star quality, you could even say not losing an established star. Pairing the 6th best scorer in the league, Cousins who averages 27.6 with AD who is fourth on the list averaging 28.2 was a stroke of genius, maybe the new Duncan-Robinson duo.


DaMarcus Cousins- Yahoo Sports

However, things haven’t got off to the best start. The three games the two giants have played together, yes they have averaged great numbers but they have lost all three games they have played together, the Pelicans only win since the All-Star break coming against the Pistons when Cousins was suspended. I for one believe and hope that these two talents will find a way to play well and build a play-off worthy team, it’s just whether or not they can do it this season with the supporting cast they have, they are already six games behind the 8th seed, I think at this point in the season its maybe two games too far for them to make but if they are to have any chance they need the mercurial DaMarcus Cousins to get hold of his temperament and let his play do the talking.







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